Jesuit control of the Philadelphia police and government

On one of their regular radio shows, Eric Jon Phelps and his co-host George Widger brought up the control that the Jesuits seem to have over the Philadelphia government, especially its police department. I think this is a good case to use as an enlightening example of how much influence the Jesuits really do have in the USA. Those who say they don’t, either haven’t looked into it properly or are knowingly trying to draw attention away from the Jesuits.

Before looking at the evidence, let’s establish what being Jesuit trained and/or a Jesuit coadjutor basically means (as per Eric Jon Phelps);

Q: I would like to know from you what it means for someone to be Jesuit-trained. Does the Jesuit Order keep (close) contact with its pupil for the entire duration of the pupil’s life? Do the Jesuits openly manipulate their pupils after their education, steering them into certain directions beneficial to the Order on the excuse of merely ‘advising’ them? Or do they perhaps do that more stealthily and cunningly, by subtly providing their pupils with information at which the pupil then decides ostensibly by his or hers own volition the course in life ideally never suspecting that the Order is subtly steering them into their preferred direction? How does it pay off to have a Jesuit education? Are Temporal Coadjutors Jesuit-trained by definition?

A: The Order’s Temporal Coadjutors may or may not be Jesuit trained. Those students who are trained by the Jesuits have the greatest possibility of finding a job after graduation. Their education is first, their placement is second and the reason for which the Order trained them. Their grads are found in every profession and walk of life. It is in these vocations that they become the most dangerous, men like Tim Russert and Chris Matthews of the Order’s CFR-controlled Press. Many coajdutors are Yale and Harvard Grads. The Order has a Jesuit House at Harvard, the alma mater of Coadjutor Bill O’Reilly. If the Order puts you in political office, it expects you to submit to their advisor, men like Jesuit priest John McLaughlin, the man who wrote Nixon’s speeches. If you jettison the Order that put you in office, then you will be punished or killed.

So, what does the Philadelphia Police Department leadership look like?

The Commissioner since December 2019 is Danielle Outlaw (funny name for a police chief, don’t you think…), who had previously served as chief of the Portland Police Bureau (2013-2017). Outlaw attended a Catholic sisterhood sponsored high school in Oakland, California and then graduated with a BA from the University of San Francisco, a Jesuit university.

The Deputy Commissioner of Organizational Services, and the second highest ranking officer in the Philadelphia police, is Christine Coulter, who served as interim Commissioner from 2018 to 2019. Coulter holds a MS in public safety management from Saint Joseph’s University, the Jesuit university in Philadelphia, and is also a faculty member in the graduate Public Safety program at Saint Joseph’s University’s Institute of Criminal Justice and Public Safety Administration.

The Deputy Commissioner of Special Operations, Dennis Wilson, holds a MS in criminal justice from the aforementioned Saint Joseph’s University.

Thus, three of the four highest ranking officers of the Philadelphia police are Jesuit trained. What’s more, Outlaw’s and Coulter’s predecessor Richard Ross Jr., like Wilson, has a MS in criminal justice from the Saint Joseph’s University.

Why are the Jesuits so keen on educating people?

Have you ever wondered why the Society of Jesus, supposedly merely a religious order of priests and monks, are so keen on educating people? Why is it so important for them to groom people to serve in all kinds of governmental and public offices, or have their own made men, such as the leading coronavirus (plandemic) expert Anthony Fauci, who are “dedicated to public service”? Obviously it’s for the reasons outlined by Eric Jon Phelps above, and it’s a great way to gain influence in the country with hardly anyone even noticing it.

The Society of Jesus is a military religious order, and the 27 Jesuit universities and colleges in the USA are not mere places of education, but also “military bases” used in the infiltration and subversion of America, once an overwhelmingly white protestant country.

With that said, the Mayor of Philadelphia, Jim Kenney, is also Jesuit trained. He graduated from St. Joseph’s Preparatory School, the Jesuit high school in Philadelphia, and has a BA from La Salle University, a small Lasallian Catholic university in Philadelphia.

The Casey family and the Jesuits

As Philadelphia is the largest city of Pennsylvania, it’s worth mentioning that the Democrat Senator from Pennsylvania, Bob Casey Jr., is Jesuit trained as well. Casey graduated from the Jesuit Scranton Preparatory School, a Jesuit high school in Pennsylvania, and from the College of the Holy Cross, a Jesuit college in Worcester, Massachusetts. His JD he received from the Catholic University of America. Between college and law school, Casey served as a member of the Jesuit Volunteer Corps.

Casey can thus well be called a “Jesuit of the short robe”, i.e., a man who’s not officially a member of the Jesuit order, but its close associate and good friend. His father Bob Casey Sr. was the 42nd Governor of Pennsylvania, and he graduated from the Scranton Preparatory School and the College of the Holy Cross like his senator son. And his father again was a devout Roman Catholic and attended Fordham University, the Jesuit university in New York City.

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