Rocking MrE: How multiculturalism is used to destroy nation states [video]

The more radically different people are, the more they will compete with one another for control of power. This leads to conflict, hence the reason that diversity plus proximity equals war… global elites want to create order out of chaos. They do this by stoking up tension between different groups, some with pre-existing animosity in unavoidable proximity to one another. This then pave the way for government intervention that forces people to sacrifice freedom for security… so, not only is there conflict when radically different cultures come into close proximity with one another, but this also requires a heavy hand to maintain order, i.e., the actions of a strong-arm interventionist state that keeps people in line through authoritarian methods. This is what the true goal of the multiculturalism agenda is, and this leads to a monoculture that destroys real multicultural identity.

  • Rocking MrE

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