The All Seeing Eye and number 13 on the UN climate action logo

People who know about occult numerology are aware that number 13 is  the Masonic signature number along with 11 and 33, and that the most important symbol for Freemasons is the All Seeing Eye, along with the pyramid/triangle, which can both be found on the dollar bill.

As it happens, the goal number 13 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals outlined in the Agenda 2030 is “climate action”. What’s more, there’s also an All Seeing Eye on the logo.

If you’ve found your way into this blog you’ll already know that climate change or manmade global warming is complete hogwash, propaganda for global government and depopulation, originally brought to you by the global elite think tank Club of Rome. And, as you can see, they’re rubbing it in our faces.



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